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Carbonite freezing.


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Longhorn Legends

Barking Carnival has a fascinating comparison of Coaches Royal, Akers, and Brown’s first decades at the Texas helm. Below, I’ve summarized the comparison between DKR and Mack because it is the most competitive and surprising contrast.

Overall Record:

DKR: 82-23-3; 75.2% winning percentage
Mack: 103-25-0; 80.4% winning percentage

Conference Record:

DKR (SWC): 50-15-2; 75.8% winning percentage
Mack (Big 12): 65-15-0; 81.2% winning percentage


DKR: 2 outright SWC titles, 2 co-championships, and 1 National Championship
Mack: 3 Big 12 South Division championships, 1 Big 12 Championship, and 1 National Championship


DKR: Top 5 five times (1959, 1961-64); Top 20 two times (1957, 1960)
Mack: Top 5 three times (2001, 2004, 2005); Top 10 two times (2002, 2007); Top 25 five times (1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006)


DKR: vs. OU (8-2); vs. A&M (10-0)
Mack: vs. OU (4-6); vs. A&M (7-3)

While Mack may be rightly knocked for his lackluster performance against Texas’s most hated rivals (excepting of course the bonfire tragedy year agaisnt A&M), no one can seriously challenge Mack’s amazing overall performance, even as compared to one of the college game’s greatest coaches.

One other thing Mack has accomplished that is unlikely to ever be eclipsed by anyone is having the distinction of winning the “not only the best BCS bowl game ever played, but the best college football game ever played … period.” Texas is as lucky to have Mack as it was to have DKR.

The telling comparison will come during the next ten years, as DKR won two more national titles during that span. Let’s see how many more Mack can bring home to Austin.

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Now that\'s zealous advocacyAnd now looking like a sane person

Covington & Burlington (former) partner David Remes submitted his letter of resignation this past Friday after making worldwide headlines (which generously noted his firm affiliation) for dropping his pants to reveal his stylish tighty-whities in Yemen–of all places.

Remes apparently pulled the disrobing stunt to somehow show mistreatment of prisoners at GitMo (the indefatigable “liar, liar, pants on fire” defense perhaps?), but may have just wound up mistreating every unfortunate soul who can never forget the sight of him in his underpants.

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Namely, Justice Ginsburg, who reportedly fell asleep during the reading of the dueling Heller opinions yesterday at SCOTUS.

And as a commenter correctly points out over at Volokh, this is not the first time Justice Ginsburg has been slumber-challenged in the Courtroom. Back in 2006, during the oral arguments in the Texas redistricting case (League of U. Latin Am. Citizens v. Perry, 548 U.S. 399 (2006), Justice Ginsburg apparently snoozed long enough for the Court artist to capture it for posterity.

In her defense in both instances however, anyone who could stay awake through the redistricting mess was likely chemically-imbalanced, and Justice Ginsburg had no doubt read every word of the 154 pages of opinions in Heller, so there wasn’t any great need for her to remain conscious during the reading of the summaries.

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Old school

NY Yankees slugger Jason Giambi has a new look but I can’t decide whether he looks more like Wade Boggs or Ron Jeremy.

I still remember that home runA few pounds ago

Either way, it’s a much better look than Giambi’s fellow teammate Johnny Damon used to rock.

Johnny Damon?

Oh wait, that’s not Johnny Damon.


My mistake.

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Yet another reason why it’s good to be alive in Austin, Texas.


I had just finished up with a project yesterday when I came across this post from the Austinist, touting the green chili pork taco from Torchy’s Tacos, pictured above. Well, I headed straight over to Torchy’s location off of Bouldin Creek on South First (which, by the way, is a gorgeous site situated underneath big swaying live oak trees just above the babbling Bouldin Creek).

I can vouch that the green chili pork taco tastes every bit as good as its picture looks. I also sampled the fried avacado taco, which was excellent as well. Can’t wait to go back to try the [R]epublican (of course), the Democrat, the Brushfire, and—horrible though the connotations its name engenders are–the Dirty Sanchez.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Today, I sampled both the [R]epublican (which is, of course, full of pork), and the Democrat. Much to my chagrin, I have to say the Democrat kicks the [R]epublican’s tail. The barbacoa is fantastic. And I just can’t bring myself to order the Dirty Sanchez: the imagery of its namesake is just too unappetizing.

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The booking photo says it all

This blog’s newfound buddy, Adam “[Gee, maybe I’m not so] Bulletproof” Reposa, is–unfortunately–back in the news.

Tex Parte Blog just came across the ad mentioned here a few months ago and used quite effectively by the prosecution as an exhibit at Reposa’s trial for demonstrating an alternative hand sign for “contempt.”

Reposa has filed a writ of habeas corpus with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals complaining his 90-day contempt sentence is excessive. In his writ, Reposa alleges that he was denied due process and due course of law when “Judge Davis declined to follow criminal procedure in ascertaining applicant’s guilt” by allowing the state to introduce evidence of extraneous conduct, i.e., the ad mentioned above from something called Whoopsy magazine, which is apparently distributed in some Austin clubs.

Of course it is.

In a letter sent by one of Reposa’s attorneys to the State Bar‘s Advertising Review Committee responding to the committee’s letter that threatened to report Reposa to the State Bar’s grievance committee, Reposa’s counsel justified the ad (presumably with a straight face) by stating:

If one was acquainted with Mr. Reposa when he was 11 years old, then they might connect this parody with him, but otherwise, no casual reader would regard this parody as an advertisement for a specific lawyer.

No, of course not. Except for the fact that the ad repeatedly mentions it references an Austin DWI attorney who has given himself the moniker, “Bulletproof.” It just so happens that there’s only one Austin DWI attorney–or any attorney in the state for that matter–who [in]famously holds himself out with the nickname “Bulletproof.”

Surely no one could connect those disparate dots?

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President, Senator, Governor, GeneralWhat a lineage

Sixty-seven years ago today, Sam Houston‘s only surviving son–Andrew Jackson Houston–was sworn in to the U.S. Senate at the ripe old age of 87 to fill the vacancy left by the death of U.S. Senator Morris Sheppard.

Andrew’s father was sworn in as one of Texas’s first two senators almost one hundred years earlier.

Incidentally, General Houston’s colleague in the Senate was none other than the Republic’s first Chief Justice to actually preside over a session of the Texas Supreme Court: Thomas Jefferson Rusk. While Chief Rusk was, technically, Texas’s third Chief Justice, the first two Chiefs never actually convened a Court session during their eventful tenures (Texas’s first Chief Justice, James Collinsworth, committed suicide by jumping from a ship in Galveston Bay while on the ballot as a Republic presidential candidate). See James W. Paulsen, A Short History of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas, 65 TEX. L. REV. 237, 248-53 (1986).

While the father served in the Senate for some thirteen years from February 21, 1846, until March 4, 1859; the son’e tenure was fated to be much shorter, lasting only twenty-four days until he died on June 26, 1941.

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Good night and good luck

You hear Keith Olbermann go off on one of his unhinged tirades, keep in mind that the insanely-mustachioed Geraldo impersonator pictured above is the man you’re listening to.

Have to admit though, he and Dan Patrick were probably the best sportscasting team ever to hit the airwaves.

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I just came across a website that shares my sense of appreciation for at least one castmember of the distaff-tastic HBO show, Sex and the City. Putting taste and decency aside, I couldn’t resist bringing you some of its content.

From www.sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse.com:




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It is rare that any happening in Lubbock makes the headlines over at How Appealing, but alas, Lubbock recently found itself featured therein thanks to something that could only happen in West Texas.

The Lubbock Avanlanche-Journal reported that a wild turkey (the real thing, not the libation) unsuccessfully attempted to enter the courthouse through an upper-floor window.

If there was any doubt as to the identity of the culprit, one had to look no further than the outline in the broken window pane for the authorities to make a positive identification. That, and the stunned turkey lurking in the bushes below.

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The National Portrait Gallery is our nation’s repository for its most famous portraits of its most revered citizens … and Stephen Colbert.

As the Capitol Crowd recounts, Colbert’s portrait arrived at its place of honor after:

Colbert trie[d] to convince the Smithsonian that he should be considered a national treasure. He attempt[ed] to donate his portrait to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, but the museum’s director suggest[ed] that perhaps Colbert should speak to the National Portrait Gallery.

By the way, the hallowed location at which Colbert’s portrait sits is between the public restrooms. However, his painted likeness has apparently doubled visitation at the National Portrait Gallery.

Et tu Colbert?

The only thing that could have possibly made his portrait even better is if he was painted while wearing his American armor, courtesy of an Austin artisan.

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What a lineage

The Green Bag (to which Texas’ own Bryan Garner is an adviser) is set to publish a fascinating article by St. John’s professor John Q. Barrett that reveals some endlessly interesting tidbits from the late Chief Justice Rehnquist‘s time as a law clerk to Justice Robert Jackson–who was almost universally acclaimed by the current SCOTUS Justices as the best SCOTUS writer to ever put pen to paper.


Most interesting to me however, are the above photographs that the article reprints for the first time, which reveal a much more mischevious and humorous Rehnquist than his image belied in later years.

Also, it is intriguing to note, as Bryan Garner did, that the current Chief Justice traces a direct juristic lineage to Justice Jackson by virture of Chief Roberts having clerked for Chief Rehnquist, who in turn clerked for Justice Jackson.

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I wouldn't want to stand in front of either of these men

The two best running backs in UT history, and two of the best that ever took a handoff for that matter, played together at a golf tournament earlier this week.

Ricky reflected on his uneven professional career and revealed that Dolphins Executive Vice President of Football Operations Bill Parcells went out of his way to retain Ricky, much to the UT legend’s surprise.

Meanwhile, Earl had some sage advice for another great UT running back, Cedric Benson, and his recent boating adventures on Lake Travis (of note, Ricky revealed Cedric had invited him to join the merry mariners that Saturday, but Ricky declined):

I think at some point you have to stand up and take responsibility and realize that you not only represent Cedric Benson and the Chicago Bears and your family. It’s bigger than that …. You represent the university family. You as a man should have some pride in what you do …. Right now, everybody remembers Cedric Benson by what happened up on the lake. Nobody remembers what a great football player he is …. You’ve kind of got to start thinking, and you’ve kind of got to do it before you get 52 years old, you know?

Pretty sage advice from Earl. He more than anyone knows that when it’s all over with, former UT players are often more embraced and honored here in Texas for their contributions to the Longhorns than by the NFL fans of the teams for which they later played.

This reunion of UT greats reminded me of an interview the two did together about a decade ago, when UT was still routinely getting shellacked by nationally prominent opponents.

Now’s a good time to remember two of my favorite Earl runs, the first is from his UT days, and the second comes at about 1:13 from his legendary Oiler career. I don’t know if I’ve seen another running back who, from a standstill, could take one stutter-step and then knock an NFL defensive lineman on his backside.

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The dynamic duo

Today, Senator John McCain gave a 3,383 word speech expounding upon his judicial philosophy, but as Jonathan Martin keenly observed, this picture speaks louder than any soundbite in the Senator’s speech.

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From the Washington Post’s new weblog, PostTalk, with some editorial flair added by FishBowl DC.

pimp left

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