Just one more word about Heller and then I’ll stop I promise.

Most attorneys would consider it a lifelong honor to have any of their works cited just once in a SCOTUS opinion, or even merely mentioned in oral argument—the “Holy Grail” of citation as it were. But UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh (of Volokh Conspiracy fame) accomplished today one of the most impressive citational feats any lawyer could hope for.

Justice Scalia cited not just three times to Professor Volokh’s work, but to three different articles penned by the good Professor. That’s the juristic equivalent of winning not just the Kentucky Derby, but the Triple Crown. In fact, I think the SCOTUS majority’s citations to Professor Volokh’s work numbered just shy of its citations to Blackstone.

Ye ManThe Man

Truly an amazing feat by Professor Volokh and one worthy of awe and praise alike. Congrats to the Professor.

Thx to Professor Volokh and Justice Scalia