What a lineage

The Green Bag (to which Texas’ own Bryan Garner is an adviser) is set to publish a fascinating article by St. John’s professor John Q. Barrett that reveals some endlessly interesting tidbits from the late Chief Justice Rehnquist‘s time as a law clerk to Justice Robert Jackson–who was almost universally acclaimed by the current SCOTUS Justices as the best SCOTUS writer to ever put pen to paper.


Most interesting to me however, are the above photographs that the article reprints for the first time, which reveal a much more mischevious and humorous Rehnquist than his image belied in later years.

Also, it is intriguing to note, as Bryan Garner did, that the current Chief Justice traces a direct juristic lineage to Justice Jackson by virture of Chief Roberts having clerked for Chief Rehnquist, who in turn clerked for Justice Jackson.

Thx to Slate’s Convictions and Professor Barrett