Wednesday, May 14th, 2008


Ever wondered what the retention rates are at Texas law schools? Glad you asked, Tex Parte Blog just so happens to have the rankings, care of Above the Law:

University of Houston Law Center: 1.79%
SMU Dedman School of Law: 1.81%
University of Texas School of Law: 2.13%
Texas Tech University School of Law: 2.99%
South Texas College of Law: 4.45%
Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law: 6.99%
Baylor University School of Law: 7.23%
Texas Wesleyan University School of Law: 10.15%

These numbers are pretty interesting. I wonder if the schools with higher attrition rates advertised themselves as being more prestigious than their students found them to actually be, or if some other causal factor is at work.

I must say that I’m fairly shocked that UT‘s attrition rate is as high as it is (and only third best in the state). Where are UT students transferring to I wonder?

Thx to Tex Parte Blog and Above the Law

El Jefe, Jr.

Like his Texas counterpart a few weeks ago, U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement submitted his resignation today, effective June 2. Also like former Texas Solicitor General Cruz, General Clement is leaving on a high note.

Speaking of notes, the WSJ Law Blog reports that General Clement’s favorite band is Nirvana. “Smells Like [SCOTUS] Spirit” indeed.

The last similarity between these two Solicitors General is one they share with yet another former Texas SG (and Cruz’s predecessor), Greg Coleman. All three were were named to the American Lawyer‘s Young Litigators Fab Fifty in early 2007, which listed the top 50 litigators under the age of 45 from around the country.

Thx to General Clement for his able service to our country and Above the Law, Bench Memos, and the WSJ Law Blog


Back in June 2007, we noted former SCOTUS nominee Judge Robert Bork filed a $1 million slip-and-fall suit against the Yale Club for injuries he sustained while giving a speech there.

Well, he has now settled his suit for an undisclosed sum, and he will hopefully look before he leaps the next time he opines in public.

Thx to DC Dicta

Where it all began

Well, I’m only about two months or so late in posting this, but better late than never.

One hundred and seventy-two years, two months, and about a week ago, the Alamo fell to Mexican General Lòpez de Santa Anna. Of course, the Mexican Army’s brief victory outside of San Antonio was short-lived, as then-General Sam Houston routed the Mexican forces a little over a month later at San Jacinto in just eighteen minutes, securing Texas’ long-sought independence.

Of slightly more recent note, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas–long the caretakers of the Alamo–have initiated a $60 million capital campaign to renovate and improve the Alamo grounds.

If you’re looking for a tax write-off this year, surely there are few more worthy causes to which to donate than the preservation of the Alamo for future generations of Texans.

Thx to Texas on the Potomac and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas