Appointed by a Republican

The AP had a great article yesterday about perhaps the most reclusive Justice on SCOTUS, Justice Souter.

In it, Justice Souter recounts how a field trip he took to Gettysburg with his law clerks affected his consternation about having to decide a certain, unnamed case.

It seems a fair assessment that one of the pivots of American history was at that place, at that moment …. I could not ever again, under any circumstance, say it is unfair that I have to do this.

Justice Souter also related a story of Judge Learned Hand, who once hurled a paperweight in anger at his law clerk, but “[f]ortunately, he was a poor pitcher.”

Remarking on an unnaturally svelte portrait on display at the Supreme Court of the only person to serve as both Chief Justice and President of the United States–the famously large William Howard Taft–Souter called it “the greatest example of aesthetic weight loss in the history of American portraiture.”

Thx to the AP and How Appealing