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The terms, “BigTex” and “MidTex,” are thrown around a lot to indicate who the top firms in Texas are, often subjectively. Below, see the list of the highest-grossing firms in Texas during FY 2007.

Akin Gump $752 million
Fulbright $649 million
Vinson & Elkins $596 million
Baker Botts $577.7 million
Bracewell & Giuliani $293 million
Haynes and Boone $264.3 million
Andrews Kurth $251 million
Locke Liddell $244.5 million
Thompson & Knight $214.5 million
Susman Godfrey $171 million
Gardere $169.2 million
Jackson Walker $163.5 million

Clearly, the only firms that can truly be referred to as “BigTex” are Akin Gump, Fulbright, V&E, and Baker Botts, who each make multiples in excess of the next highest ranking firms.

“MidTex” then, is plainly populated by Haynes and Boone, Bracewell & Giuliani, Andrews Kurth, Locke [Lord], and Thompson & Knight.

Gardere and Jackson Walker may also be rightfully considered “MidTex” as well, but it is surprising (at least to me) that they are about a $100 million behind the other MidTex firms in revenue.

Most impressive is that Susman Godrey, while having only 85 lawyers, brings in more revenue than Gardere–which has 290 attorneys, and Jackson Walker–which has 321 lawyers. Unsurprisingly, profit-per-partner is tops once again at Susman, coming in at $3 million.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Compare the BigTex revenue numbers to that of BigLaw below and you’ll get an idea of the disparity between the two.


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