Nothing good happens after curfew

The N.Y. Post opened its story this weekend about the arrest of a CNN reporter after hours in Central Park this way:

CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot.

Wow. Hard not to want to read on after that opening salvo.

The story concluded with this paragraph recounting why Quest turned down an offer once upon a time to work for the friendly folks at Al Jazeera:

He was reportedly once offered a position for the English-language version of the controversial Al Jazeera network, but said he turned it down because being gay and Jewish, he didn’t think it would be a good fit.

Yeah, I’ve heard that about Al Jazeera; they’re not the most inclusive bunch of newshounds out there. Good call.

Thx to the N.Y. Post