If you’d just spent $17.2 billion on something, wouldn’t you need a drink too?

Well, Reuters–which recently parted with just such a sum in its acquisition of Thomson West (aka Westlaw)–is hosting one of many pre-parties for this week’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Some of the drink specials that will be available at the bar include:

Hillary’s Bosnian Bull-shooter

If you’re hoping to get intoxicated from this drink, run for cover. A single shot will keep you honest.

Distilled water imported from Tuzla.

Barack O’Bomber

More popular than ever with the younger set, the O’Bomber is sure to bowl you over. For a truly religious experience, polish it off and order another. You’ll be singing its praises – and Wrightfully so.

Vodka, Jagermeister, Red Bull energy drink with a lime wedge.

The Senior Moment

This one packs such a punch that you’ll have trouble distinguishing one extremist group from another.

Scotch on the rocks, no twist.

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