His rod

If you see a naked woman in the reflected image in Vice President Cheney‘s sunglasses, you are: (1) an idiot; and (2) not an angler.

See it now?

Apparently, a lot of people thought the Veep was cavorting with a scantily clad lady instead of casting his fly rod.

* * * UPDATE * * *

At last night’s 64th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner, Vice President Cheney began his speech by donning his now-famous hat and sunglasses, and quipped:

You’d be amazed how at how many guys want to go fishing with me these days.

* * *

The most common question [I get asked] is what lure was I using?

* * *

That’s the last time I go fishing with an outfitter called the “Emperor’s Club VIP.”

He also got in a subtle shot at Senator Obama, observing that the crowd at the dinner were not ones to look down on a “bitter man who clings to his guns.”

Thx to Newsbusters, McClatchey, and CSPAN