Austin original

Last week, the venerable KVET morning show relaunched after the untimely departure of Sammy Allred from its airwaves with the ingenious pairing of former U.T. running backs coach Bucky Godbolt with KVET veteran Bob Cole.

After Sammy left KVET this past fall and Erin Hogan left the Buck on Sports back in January, my mornings just hadn’t been the same. I’m glad to report, however, that while I was and still am sad to see both Sammy and Erin go, the new pairing of Bucky and Bob is fantastic. They really complement each other, and I think the mixture of sports and Austin politics both broadens the show’s appeal and cements its ownership of the niche.

I look forward to listening to these two for many more years to come.

* * * UPDATE * * *

The Three Amigos

Governor Perry, who just announced he’ll likely run again in 2010, stopped by the show yesterday to chat with Bucky and Bob.

Thx to KVET and Bucky and Bob