No nonsense

Travis County Court at Law No. 6 Judge Jan Breland‘s benchslappery comes not from her pen but rather from her gavel by way of the penalty suffered by unctuous young attorneys who perform lewd hand gestures in her court.

Local criminal (no pun intended) defense attorney Adam “Bulletproof” Reposa (the “[b]ulletproof” part is the moniker Reposa assigned himself on his SBOT page) was sentenced to ninety days in jail today for his use of an onanistic hand gesture in court while opposing counsel, an assistant D.A., was explaining the terms of a proposed plea bargain to Judge Breland.

Not only will Reposa now get to spend some quality time with many of his former clients, he has apparently parted ways with his law partner, Bruce Garrison, who has removed Reposa from their formerly joint website.

While retired District Judge Paul Davis was the jurist who actually handed down today’s sentence (which, while still surprisingly severe, was only half of the statutorily-allowed maximum sentence of six months imprisonment, TEX. GOV’T CODE ANN. § 21.002(b) (Vernon 2005)), the benchslapping credit for sanctioning Reposa in response to his self-gratificatory sign language in the first place rightly goes to Judge Breland.

* * * UPDATE * * *


See “Bulletproof”‘s interview with the media immediately after he was sentenced. My favorite do-it-yourself quote:

I’m not very good at __________________.

What, “being a lawyer,” “not pissing off judges,” “staying out of jail,” “avoiding malpractice,” “dodging penological bullets?”

Thx to Judge Breland, the Statesman, KEYE, an anonymous Texas lawyer, and Above the Law