Two pieces of news regarding the original D.C. political gossip blog have broken in the past few days.


First, the founder of Wonkette, the hilarious if crude Ana Marie Cox, lost her gig as Washington editor of Not all literary elites were thrilled with her original appointment to the post, however, as Eric Alterman once observed:

I’m fine with what she does. My issue with Time is that they hired a “liberal” gossip writer who specializes in articles about “a[$$]-f[*]cking” to offset their conservative heavy-hitters who regularly abuse liberals.

Second, Wonkette itself is in the process of being sold to its Managing Editor, Ken Layne.

We report it here mainly because Above the Law‘s David Lat once served a term at Wonkette‘s helm, and because we remember well the halcyon days of Wonkette‘s heyday breaking (or reveling in) the Jessica Cutler / Washingtonienne scandal.

Thx to FishBowl D.C.