The National Law Journal (NLJ) annually publishes its own ranking of relative law school “prestige,” which–to my mind–is much more useful to potential law school applicants than the U.S. News and World Report beauty contest.

The List

The NLJ annually ranks the country’s law school’s that place the highest percentage of graduates in the nation’s top 250 law firms. Last year, U.T. was 19 on this list of twenty, but this year U.T. fell out of the ranking alltogether.

Of its 460 J.D. graduates in 2007, 35.2% became attorneys at NLJ 250 law firms.

Compare this percentage to the top school on the list, Columbia, which placed 74.8% of its graduates at NLJ 250 firms. Don’t feel too disenchanged though, Yale Law School–which perenially sits atop the U.S. News list, was 19th on the list, only placing 38.5% of its graduates at top firms.

Thx to the WSJ Law Blog and the NLJ