On the right

U.T. Law does have some good news today, however. Over at the Clerkship Notification Blog (which appears to be revamped and relaunched for the 2009-10 clerkship season), a commenter notes that Scott Keller–an ’07 U.T. Law grad and current Chief Judge Kozinski clerk–has been hired by Justice Kennedy to clerk in his chambers during the Court‘s 2009 term.

If Scott Keller’s name sounds familiar, it should, because he was a member of the certiorari team assembled by U.T.’s Supreme Court Clinic, which successfully petitioned the Court in the clinic’s very first case.

This hiring will help improve U.T.’s ranking among schools placing SCOTUS clerks, and ensure C.J. Kozinski stays atop the list of feeder judges as well.

Thx to the CNB and SCOTUS Law Clerk Placement