Well, almost. Next to having one’s law review article cited in a SCOTUS opinion (my self-described “Holy Grail” of citation) is having one’s article discussed at oral argument.

That very thing happened to Professor Erica Hashimoto of Georgia Law School during Wednesday’s oral argument in Indiana v. Edwards (no. 07-208) at SCOTUS. While questioning the Respondent’s counsel, Justice Breyer remarked:

Now, I wanted to know the facts. And it 8 seemed to me we have a excellent, really fabulous–that this has happened, and Professor Hashimoto seems to have gone and written, done research, which we have in front of us. As I read that research, I first learned that actually the pro se defendants don’t do a bad job of defending themselves. And by and large, they do surprisingly well. And so perhaps that eliminates some of the concern.

Transcript of March 26, 2008 Oral Argument in Indiana v. Edwards, Cause No. 07-208, 35:7-15.

Congratulations to Professor Hashimoto on this fantastic recognition of her work.

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