Tx Dems

Seeing as how Hillary won the popular vote in Texas (albeit, likely in large part due to Republican crossovers), and Obama won the caucuses (in part, thanks to me), I thought I’d check back in on our brave local superdelegate who has been chronicling his adventures in the political process over at the New Republic.

Our suspense will last a little longer, apparently, as David Holmes hasn’t posted since before the Texas election, and from reading the comments, I can tell why. Just take a look at the mindless invective spewed at him (mainly by Obama supporters for pledging his vote to Hillary), to see why I cowardly choose to blog anonymously.

Insulting someone whose vote you seek to gain is not the brightest electoral strategy. I have it on personal authority that David Holmes is a bright, decent, and honorable guy, but you’d never know that from the tripe that fills up the comments on his most recent post.

*** UPDATE ***

Go check out David’s new outlet for his autodelegate musings–including his thoughts on the results of Texas Primary–over at The DOT Show.


As someone who both voted and caucused in the Democrat primary, I wanted to offer my amateur opinion that the split results–a Hillary win in the primary and an Obama win in the caucuses–is anectdotal proof that Republican crossovers handed Hillary the popular vote. Reason being that Republicans seeking to create havoc by voting for Hillary would be much more likely to simply show up and vote once for her (an odious act for any of us on the Republican side of the aisle), than to come back that evening to wait in line for 45 minutes to cast their caucus vote again for her. Accordingly, this explains why the caucuses seemed to follow the conventional wisdom much more closely than the popular vote did, because only true Democrats (me excluded) would bother with the whole unnecessarily convoluted caucus process. I can attest that when I signed my name for Obama, their was only one other caucus vote for Hillary on the caucus sheet, and the talk in line was much more focused on Obama than Hillary.

Thx to David Holmes for sharing his insights and experience with us