I Spy

Take a look at this picture of Obama strolling down the Hike and Bike Trail and tell me he doesn’t have the look of a winner (and more than a passing resemblance to Bill Cosby from his I Spy days). I couldn’t agree less with any position he has, but whatever the “it” is that both Hillary and McCain so sorely lack, Obama’s got it in reserve.

Love the shot of the Secret Service agent behind him looking like he’s about to throttle anybody that looks troublesome.

Plus, on this trip down to Texas, Obama proved he’s an effortless and skilled politician in hanging out with the hometown football team and taking in some of the local sights. No surprise that the overly-packaged and instinct-less Hillary failed to do either, apparently electing instead to remain cloistered in a room somewhere endlessly preparing for the debate. Which, by the way, if you watched, was eerily reminiscent of the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debate, where his best lines sounded natural and authoritative and her best lines (“change you can xerox”) sounded tired and contrived.

Thx to the Austinist