Too skinny to win the Heisman

Pretty cool deal for the players today in Austin, getting to pal around with the Democrat frontrunner.

Know who else has UT no. 1 Jersey?  43.

And this, in a nutshell, is why Barack is doing so well. Do any of us think that Hillary or John McCain would be hanging out with the hometown football team just a few hours before a make-or-break debate on national TV? I certainly don’t.

And that is why Barack is so formidable to Republicans (and Hlllary for that matter), because he has the innate ability to connect with all kinds of people and almost has that George W. Bush quality (sacrilege to compare the two I know) of being a guy you’d want to hang out with and maybe throw back a beer with.

BTW, am glad that Colt looks like he’s ready to pummel some Sooner hide.

Thx to BevoBeat