Thursday, February 21st, 2008

This topic is much too complicated for a simple blog entry, but just to give some perspective regarding the relative delay experienced by litigants in modern-day SCOTX as compared to what it has been historically, see below.


A recent Houston Chronicle story laments a maximum delay of 24 or more months (some 730 days). However, in 1913, the average pendency per case was approximately 1,800 days, which dropped to around 1,600 days in 1915, and had dropped further to around 900 days by 1933. In fact, the average pendency of a case at SCOTX from 1906 to 1953 was 738 days (some 8 days worse than the worst modern delay).

So before you get too righteous about the current delays at SCOTX, keep in mind it is much, much better than it has been historically.

Thx to Stayton & Eubank, A Study of Pendency in Texas Civil Litigation, 33 TEX. L. REV. 70, 81 (1954)

Too skinny to win the Heisman

Pretty cool deal for the players today in Austin, getting to pal around with the Democrat frontrunner.

Know who else has UT no. 1 Jersey?  43.

And this, in a nutshell, is why Barack is doing so well. Do any of us think that Hillary or John McCain would be hanging out with the hometown football team just a few hours before a make-or-break debate on national TV? I certainly don’t.

And that is why Barack is so formidable to Republicans (and Hlllary for that matter), because he has the innate ability to connect with all kinds of people and almost has that George W. Bush quality (sacrilege to compare the two I know) of being a guy you’d want to hang out with and maybe throw back a beer with.

BTW, am glad that Colt looks like he’s ready to pummel some Sooner hide.

Thx to BevoBeat

Officially a joke

Seeming to finally tire of nonsensical fiscal explanations offered up by TxDOT as to why it can no longer perform its statutory duties without the financial beacon of toll roads, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and Speaker Tom Craddick sent this letter Tuesday to the State Auditor asking him to initiate “a comprehensive review” of TxDOT’s “questionable accounting procedures.” Among the irregularities were TxDOT’s projection of a $3.6 billion shortfall by 2015 without accounting for some $8 billion in already-approved road bonds, its claim of 60% increase in highway costs between 2002 and 2007, and its admission of $1 billion “error” in its budget forecasting.

Thx to Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Speaker Craddick, and Texas Politics

Then, here are the best places to watch it in Austin.

Cloak Room

From personal experience, there is no better place to imbibe alcohol while simultaneously drinking in political theatre than at the Cloak Room, just off the Capitol grounds by the loading dock. For something a little more upscale (and bigger), my favorite politico bar is at the Stephen F. Austin hotel (the Intercontinental for those of you non-locals).

*** Places That Are Definitely Showing It ***

Sholz Garten
Official Barack Obama Watch Party
1607 San Jacinto Blvd
(512) 474-1958

Official Hillary Clinton Watch Party
1412 S. Congress Ave.
(512) 447-7688

The Side Bar
602 E Seventh St
(512) 322-0697
Yes, and Republicans welcome

Mother Egan’s Irish Pub
715 W Sixth St
(512) 478-7747

The Cloak Room
1300 Colorado St
(512) 472-9808
“Of course we will!”

Stephen F’s
701 Congress Ave
(512) 457-8800
Upstairs at the bar

The Tavern
912 W 12th St
(512) 320-8377

The Dog & Duck Pub
Corner of Guadalupe & 17th Street
406 West 17th Street
(512) 479-0598

Third Base Austin
1717 West 6th Street
Building 2, Suite 210R
(512) 476-2273

Texas Union Ballroom
Hosted by UT Democrats
Starts at 5:30pm – live music, free t-shirts, free food

*** Places That May Show It, But Call Ahead ***

The Brown Bar
201 W Eighth St
(512) 480-8330
“On and off throughout the night”

Tiniest Bar in Texas
817 W 5th St
(512) 902-6177
“Maybe”, but seemed lukewarm to the idea

407 E Seventh St
(512) 236-0008

Aussie’s Volleybar and Grill
306 Barton Springs Rd
(512) 480-0952
“We’ll put it on one of the TVs if you wanna come and see it, yeah”‘

Bout Time Bar
9601 N IH 35
(512) 832-5339

Opal Divine’s Penn Field
3601 S Congress Ave
(512) 707-0237

Doc’s Motorworks Bar & Grill
1123 S Congress Ave
(512) 892-5200

Joe’s Bar & Grill
506 West Ave
(512) 473-0885

Thx to the Austinist


Well, fellow Austinite David Holmes is a famed superdelegate (although he prefers the term, “automatic delegate”) who has pledged to vote for Hillary, but is now getting pressure to switch his vote to Obama.

David is maintaining a blog of his experience over at the New Republic, and it is fascinating with its blend of the surreal and mundane. Like going to grab a Krispy Kreme on your way into work and getting a call from former Indiana congressman and 9/11 Commission member Tim Roemer urging you to switch your vote to Obama.

Thx to an anonymous Texan source and David Holmes for enlightening us on the process


Not satisfied with merely dominating the gridiron, the four law reviews who edit the Bluebook have also decided to tackle cyberspace.

The Bluebook is now available online. Welcome to the citational future my friends.

Thx to Texas Appellate Law Blog, Legal Writing Prof Blog, and the folks at the Bluebook