State senator and former Fifth Circuit clerk and TYLA president Kirk Watson (D) was interviewed last night on Hardball regarding his support of Barack Obama. Show host and former Jimmy Carter and Speaker Tip O’Neill aide Chris Matthews disassembled Watson by forcing him to name just one legislative accomplishment of Obama’s, to which Watson was left speechless.

Not Senator Watson’s finest moment, but it appears that the “thrill” Matthews has felt “up his leg” at the prospect of an Obama presidency may be, er, waning.

*** UPDATE ***

Today (by way of Texas Politics), Sen. Watson issued a statement explaining his less than loquacious performance on Hardball, stating “my mind went blank.” Thanks for the newsflash Senator.


Above the Law has bestowed the good senator with “Lawyer of the Day” honors.


Thx to Newsbusters, HotAir, and the Huffington Post