Monday, February 18th, 2008

For the all-important upcoming Texas Democrat primary, Hillary Clinton has set up her campaign headquarters in the same building off of Ben White Boulevard where one-time Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman once ran his failed attempt at becoming a respectable citizen.

Of all the parking lots

Well, the only problem is that Kinky’s pink campaign trailer is still parked out back, and well, you can see how the trailer’s exterior design elements might be an unwelcome sight anywhere near the vicinity of Mrs. Clinton.

Thx to John Kelso at the Statesman

Father Knows Less

Sunday’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald ran an excerpt from Wendell Jamieson’s book, Father Knows Less, for which Mr. Jamieson sent everyday questions from kids around the world to various experts in an effort to get the answers.

For example, Jeff Zucker answers a question about how much TV will turn someone’s brains to mush, and a professor of archeological sciences opines that a 9 year-old questioner can’t cook his sister because the youngster would find the experience “existentially upsetting.”

Well, the Senior Justice of SCOTX was also contacted and asked to answer “[w]hy do grown-ups get to do what they want?” by five year-old Marley-Rose Libburd of Brooklyn, New York. Justice Hecht replied:

It only seems that way to young people because adults make all the rules. Actually the law applies more strictly to adults than minors. All states and most countries set an age, usually between 18 and 21, below which a person gets special treatment. Minors can’t be held to their contracts and are sometimes excused for injuring others. Minors who commit crimes are usually treated as delinquents and punished less severely than adults. The reason is that minors do not have the breadth of life experiences to appreciate the consequences of their choices. Adults do not have the same excuse. They can’t do whatever they want but must follow the law or pay the penalty.

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