Well, it flat-out stinks to return to the blogosphere with this piece of news, but here it is nonetheless:

Justice David Medina, whose recent travails we have reluctantly covered, was reportedly indicted today in Houston, along with his wife, in connection to the fire that destroyed their Houston home last summer. Curiously, the Houston Chronicle story relates that Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal has already stated he will move to dismiss the indictments for lack of evidence however.

*** Update ***

Both the grand jury foreman and assistant foreman have apparently taken issue with the DA’s decision not to prosecute. Assistant foreman Jeffrey Dorrell siad “Rosenthal resisted these indictments with a vigor I have never seen or heard before.” Foreman Robert Ryan was even more direct, stating, “This is ludicrous. This is not right. This is a miscarriage of justice. If this was David Medina, comma, truck driver, comma, Baytown, Texas, he would have been indicted three months ago.”

Thx to the Houston Chronicle