January 2008

Famed Longhorn legend Rooster Andrews passed away earlier this week. Read this excellent story in the Statesman for the full accounting of his life, but just know that Ausitn has truly lost one of its favorite sons.


I remember going into the Rooster Andrews off of Anderson Lane to get my first baseball and football equipment. Now that I have a boy of my own, it sure would be neat to take him into a Rooster Andrews to buy his soccer gear.

In memoriam

Our condolences to the Andrews family, and eternal thanks to Rooster for all he did for the City of Austin and the University of Texas.


I may be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but that line may just be a political home-run equivalent to Ronald Reagan‘s 1980 admonition that “he was paying for this microphone,” or his 1984 quip that he didn’t want to “exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

Obama’s ability to woo a crowd is eerily similar to Reagan’s. Still think he has a very tough road to hoe to actually dethrone Hillary, but if anyone can on the Left, it’s Obama.

I don’t agree with a single stance Obama has any issue, but I like this guy. And he just outclasses Hillary at every turn.

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Jerry O’Connell, of Cush / Jerry Maguire (and almost unrecognizably as Vern in Stand by Me) fame, has a little fun with Tom Cruise’s most recent scientology rant. The psychotic laughing is the best part.

Face of sanity

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In another encouraging offseason move, Mack Brown brought Major Applewhite back to Texas last week. Major elected to leave his position as OC for the Crimson Tide under Nick Saban to be the new running backs coach at Texas.

The Major

If nothing else, Major will bring some good mojo back to the Texas sidelines that we have sorely missed these last two, long years.

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Judge Medina

A Harris County judge has just dismissed the indictments against Justice Medina and his wife

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In response to your theory of the case, one of the Justices remarking, “wow,” or–even better–“do you really think that?”

El Jefe

Well, that’s just what happened to the State of Virginia’s counsel in Virginia v. Moore, heard earlier this week. Justice Scalia was querying the lawyer on whether any federal employee could conduct searches and seizures as long as they had probable cause, and the following exchange occurred:

Justice Scalia: So any Federal employee can go crashing around conducting searches and seizures?

McCullough: So long –

Justice Scalia: So long as he has probable cause?

McCullough: That’s correct.

Justice Scalia: That’s fantastic.


Justice Scalia: Do you really think that?


Justice Scalia: What about a janitor? You’re a janitor, a federally employed janitor.

McCullough: Your Honor –

Justice Scalia: His neighbor is growing marijuana, and he’s just as offended as a Supreme Court Justice would be. Can he conduct a search?

McCullough: I think if he’s doing it on behalf of the State, the answer is yes.

Justice Scalia: Wow.

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Justice Thomas

While we were away, Justice Thomas concluded his book tour, and capped it off by revealing that “[t]here’s not much that entices [him] about the job” of being a SCOTUS Justice. When asked whether he at least enjoyed being on the Court, Justice Thomas replied “I wouldn’t say I like it.”

Except for perhaps William Howard Taft, who held the job description of “President of the United States” prior to his appointment to the Court (as Chief Justice no less), Justice Thomas might be the first sitting SCOTUS Justice to long for other employment.

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