Pat Robertson‘s university, Regent University, has a law school that has been undergoing some drama of late. 2L Adam Key (who is a Stephen F. Austin grad) apparently posted an unflattering picture of Reverend Pat on his facebook page (which was a freeze-frame of the televangelist scratching his face–frozen so that it appeared he was flipping the bird).


*Quick televangelical factoid–Pat Robertson is a ’55 Yale Law grad.*

Well, the University was none too pleased, and gave Mr. Key two choices: (1)publicly apologize for posting the picture and refrain from commenting about the matter in a “public medium,” or (2) write a brief defending the posting. Adam opted for door number two and drafted his brief, which Dean Jeffrey Brauch promptly rejected.

Key is now suspended pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Now, I’m probably as conservative as anyone affiliated with Regent, but I have to say this kind of thing is just wierd. The fact that Key is a self-described “liberal Christian” doesn’t mean his mental acuity is in question. However, what might put his maturity and judgment in question is that Key obviously had an agenda in attending a law school that was much more well-known for its conservative leanings than its academic acumen, as evidenced by one has tattoos, which depicts Osama bin Laden juxtaposed with Robertson. I’m definitely no fan of Robertson or any televangelist for that matter, but OBL he’s not. Anyone who tries to conflate the two is just intellecutally lazy and historically ignorant.

If one wants to be a lawyer, go be a lawyer, but don’t enroll in Pat Robertson’s university just to pick a fight with him. Wait till you have credentials, then take on Robertson or whoever you like.

Thx to AbovetheLaw, WSJ Law Blog, and the Virginia Pilot