During my forced hiatus, a lot has happened in VY‘s world. Since America’s sportswriters concluded their love-in with Reggie and awarded him the Heisman Trophy back in 2005, VY has made it his personal mission in life to upstage his diminutive colleague in every meeting.


No doubt, everyone remembers the greatest college football game ever played in which VY more than doubled Reggie’s rushing total (200 yds. to 82 yds.), and in which Reggie’s signature play was an ill-advised and unnecessary lateral to a surprised teammate. Well, add to that now VY’s dismantling of the once-mighty []aints on Monday Night Football last week by the score of 31-14.

Just this past Sunday on 60 Minutes, we gained some insight into perhaps why VY seems to save some of his best performances for when he plays opposite Reggie. During a revealing interview with Scott Pelley (who once attended Texas Tech by the way), VY admitted that he is still peeved at losing the Heisman to Bush, and so always feels the need to demonstrate why the award was wrongly bestowed. Just like Jordan, Vince remembers the slights and uses them to flat-out embarrass those who would dismiss him; gotta love it.

Eternal thx to VY