Back at the end of August, we wrote about Judge Kent’s mysterious “intended absence” from the Galveston bench. It appears the mystery has now been solved.

According to the Galveston County Daily News, “[i]n the months before U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent was temporarily relieved of his duties, an employee of the court filed a sexual harassment complaint against him.”

Hate to see our suspicions of improper behavior confirmed, particularly regarding such a legendary benchslapper.

*** Update ***

See the Fifth Circuit’s reprimand of Judge Kent here.

See also the Houston Chronicle’s write-up of the whole affair with some specific details of the complaint. While we here at SMSB have definitely enjoyed reading Judge Kent’s flamboyant opinions, perhaps the accusation that he sometimes appeared inebriated on the job might have something to do with his formulation of the famed “live Bolivian” test.

More troubling to Judge Kent than the Fifth Circuit’s admonition however, is most certainly the news that his accuser has retained renowned trial attorney Rusty Hardin.

Thx to the Galveston County Daily News, the Houston Chronicle, the WSJ Law Blog, and Above the Law