From Greedy Texas:

Compensation (requires associates bill 2,000 hours):
Level 1 – $150,000-170,000
Level 2 – $160,000-180,000
Level 3 – $170,000-190,000
Level 4 – $180,000- 200,000

Bonus (each at 2,000 hours)
Level 1 – 5,000
Level 2 – 10,000-15,000
Level 3 – 20,000-30,000
Level 4 – 30,000-40,000

From the memo sent to associates:
The incoming associate class at Gardere will receive an annual compensation of $160,000 through the end of the first complete fiscal year after the commencement of their employment at the firm (i.e., 19 months from the typical September start date, consistent with our current practice). Incoming associates will be considered to be in Level 1. Thereafter, each associateÂ’s progress through the various Levels will be based on his or her performance and professional development. The compensation band for each Level is intended to be broad enough to allow flexibility in recognizing differences in the progress and performance of individual associates.
Additional flexibility in our compensation system focusing on lifestyle, child-rearing and other responsibilities will be addressed separately in the near future, and it is anticipated that such flexibility will be more easily assimilated into a Level-based program than into the previous lockstep system.

Thx to Greedy Texas