October 2007

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It has been a rough season thus far for the Longhorns, but Jamaal Charles gave us a glimpse of of some happier times this past Saturday. In rushing for three scores and 216 yards in the fourth quarter alone, Jamaal put the team on his back and rushed them to victory over the soon-to-be-in-the-market-for-a-new-head-coach Cornhuskers.

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“Game over man!”

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After no doubt attending the Billy Joe Shaver school of not taking guff off of anybody, country artist Garry Allen squarely punched some college-aged hooligans in the face after they accosted he and his date at Nashville hotspot Layl’a Rul.

Fightin' Side of Me

One interesting note, according to the Tennessean write-up of the incident, Allen’s date was described as an “aesthetician.” Not an anesthetist, an aesthetician. According to my second-favorite website, an aesthetician is “[o]ne versed in the theory of beauty and artistic expression,” or “[o]ne skilled in giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments.”

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Newly-elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy was profiled on 60 Minutes this past Sunday. In addition to being very revealing about the man and what drives him, the interview with Lesley Stahl also revealed a trait I wish we had more of in our American politicians: no patience for the media’s incessant invasion of privacy.

President Sarkozy

As soon as Lesley Stahl began asking questions about his failed marriage, President Sarkozy abruptly ended the interview. Classic.

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In our ongoing series of dumb scientists at work thanks to your (or our fellow Brits’) tax dollars, behold the latest:

Dr. Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics apparently fancies himself an evolutionary geneticist. The aforementioned and no doubt esteemed economist has recently “predicted” an evolutionary outcome for the human race that is strikingly similar to that predicted by H.G. Wells in his 1895 science fiction masterpiece, The Time Machine.

Dr. Curry predicts the human race will self-select into two different subspecies, one smart and attractive, and one diminutive and dim. For a more creepy and graphicly anatomical prediction by Dr. Curry, read the Daily Mail article.

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In an effort to contrast its rapid response to the San Diego fires from its shameful response to Hurricane Katrina, FEMA decided to hold a press conference.

Only it didn’t really. Instead of holding a real, live press conference like any self-respecting, supposedly-competent federal agency would, Deputy Administrator Vice Admiral Harvey Johnson held a fake press conference instead, complete with pretend reporters and make-believe questions.

For once, I agree with Secretary Chertoff:

I think it was one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things I’ve seen since I’ve been in government.

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A few days ago, the owners of Las Manitas–Lidia and Cynthia Perez–agreed to allow the developers of a possible Marriot hotel complex to build over the alley they own in back of the current home of Las Manitas Avenue Cafe.

Las Manitas

After turning down a $750,000 loan (which generated much local consternation due to its extremely favorable terms), the Perez sisters have decided to relocate Las Manitas from its current location at 211 Congress to a new home at 227 Congress.

So, White Lodging Services Corp. gets its $250 million Marriot hotel complex, and Austin gets to keep one of its most treasured eateries.

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Goodbye Earle

The Dixie Chicks were right after all.

Longtime Travis County D.A., Ronnie Earle, is apparently retiring from his post. There is little chance that he will be replaced by anyone politically right[er], but hope springs eternal for we proud and few Travis County Republicans.

In all seriousness though, and despite my political disagreements with D.A. Earle, we do owe him a debt of gratitude for his public service lo’ these many years.

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Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows I’m no fan of most liberal politicians, but in this instance, I have to give kudos to former President Clinton for muzzling yet another 9/11 truther heckler.

This is why the man won two terms (the first being partially my fault for voting for him). I gotta say though, pretty powerful to have a former President scold you in public. Plus, I really respect that, instead of genteely waiting for the heckler to spew their idiocy, he stopped his speech, and took them on.

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The longstanding and open feud between Chief Justice Tom Gray and Associate Justice Bill Vance will finally end for appellants and appellees alike in the Tenth District Court of Appeals.


Earlier this month, Justice Vance announced he will not seek a fourth term on the Waco appellate bench. And so ends the saga that has raged almost since Chief Justice Gray’s appointment to the bench in late 2003. One particularly illustrative example of the genuine dislike between these two jurists is evidenced by Chief Gray’s dissent in Beller v. Texas, No. 10-02-00282-CR (Tex. App.–Waco November 17, 2004, pet. ref’d) (Gray, C.J., dissenting) which contains a discussion under the heading, “RESPONSE TO THE SO CALLED [sic] CONCURRING OPINION.”

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Following up on a recent post concerning the arson investigation of a fire that consumed Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina‘s home, Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal has confirmed that Justice Medina is not a suspect in the arson case.

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Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation, the National Center for Policy Analysis, and the Federalist Society hosted a luncheon honoring Justice Thomas as part of his book tour. The event consisted of an interview between the Justice and former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont.


Of note, the demise of Dallas County Republicans might be greatly exaggerated as some 1,560 people turned out for the event (including yours truly), which–in true Texas fashion–was the largest event hosted by the Heritage Foundation outside of D.C. in its 34-year history.

Thanks to Justice Thomas, the Heritage Foundation, the Federalist Society, the NCPA, and a Dallas lawyer for the invitation

Pat Robertson‘s university, Regent University, has a law school that has been undergoing some drama of late. 2L Adam Key (who is a Stephen F. Austin grad) apparently posted an unflattering picture of Reverend Pat on his facebook page (which was a freeze-frame of the televangelist scratching his face–frozen so that it appeared he was flipping the bird).


*Quick televangelical factoid–Pat Robertson is a ’55 Yale Law grad.*

Well, the University was none too pleased, and gave Mr. Key two choices: (1)publicly apologize for posting the picture and refrain from commenting about the matter in a “public medium,” or (2) write a brief defending the posting. Adam opted for door number two and drafted his brief, which Dean Jeffrey Brauch promptly rejected.

Key is now suspended pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Now, I’m probably as conservative as anyone affiliated with Regent, but I have to say this kind of thing is just wierd. The fact that Key is a self-described “liberal Christian” doesn’t mean his mental acuity is in question. However, what might put his maturity and judgment in question is that Key obviously had an agenda in attending a law school that was much more well-known for its conservative leanings than its academic acumen, as evidenced by one has tattoos, which depicts Osama bin Laden juxtaposed with Robertson. I’m definitely no fan of Robertson or any televangelist for that matter, but OBL he’s not. Anyone who tries to conflate the two is just intellecutally lazy and historically ignorant.

If one wants to be a lawyer, go be a lawyer, but don’t enroll in Pat Robertson’s university just to pick a fight with him. Wait till you have credentials, then take on Robertson or whoever you like.

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While it can occasionally veer off into salary minutia tedium, Greedy-Texas is still more than game for a good laugh from time to time. Below is an example:

Ford Harrison TheJagman October 10, 2007 06:32 am
Does anyone have any information about this employment law boutique?

Re: Ford Harrison Basketball Jones October 10, 2007 07:55 am
It’s a spin off of Solo Han

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After heading up Kelly Hart Hallman‘s Austin appellate practice since 2006, Andrew Weber will be rejoining his old boss, now-General Abbott, as Deputy Attorney General for Legal Counsel as of October 15th. The new position will oversee several divisions, including Open Records and the Opinion Committee.


Weber, of course, is the former Clerk of the Court, and began his legal career as a Briefing Attorney to then-Justice Abbott on the Texas Supreme Court, and later served as a staff attorney to now-Judge Owen as well.

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Instead of employing complicated and illusory recompense schemes aimed at appearing to match the new $160k scale as some other Big and MidTex firms have done, Strasburger followed a unique approach and decided to cut the billable hour requirement for first years. While first years will still make $140k starting, they will only be required to log 1,600 hours instead of the old 1,920 hour requirement. Moreover, the firm will require first years to “spend 550 hours shadowing senior attorney mentors, participating in training sessions and working on pro bono projects.

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But not for anything the school would want to be associated with.


Amazing because fraternities are usually known to be such bastions of good judgment, local fraternity Theta Chi printed up “Vick ‘Em” shirts to commemorate this weekend’s upcoming game between Texas Tech and A&M.

The fraternity has been suspended, and the TTU administration has apologized to A&M.

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