October 2007

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It has been a rough season thus far for the Longhorns, but Jamaal Charles gave us a glimpse of of some happier times this past Saturday. In rushing for three scores and 216 yards in the fourth quarter alone, Jamaal put the team on his back and rushed them to victory over the soon-to-be-in-the-market-for-a-new-head-coach Cornhuskers.

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“Game over man!”

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After no doubt attending the Billy Joe Shaver school of not taking guff off of anybody, country artist Garry Allen squarely punched some college-aged hooligans in the face after they accosted he and his date at Nashville hotspot Layl’a Rul.

Fightin' Side of Me

One interesting note, according to the Tennessean write-up of the incident, Allen’s date was described as an “aesthetician.” Not an anesthetist, an aesthetician. According to my second-favorite website, an aesthetician is “[o]ne versed in the theory of beauty and artistic expression,” or “[o]ne skilled in giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments.”

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Newly-elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy was profiled on 60 Minutes this past Sunday. In addition to being very revealing about the man and what drives him, the interview with Lesley Stahl also revealed a trait I wish we had more of in our American politicians: no patience for the media’s incessant invasion of privacy.

President Sarkozy

As soon as Lesley Stahl began asking questions about his failed marriage, President Sarkozy abruptly ended the interview. Classic.

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