Apparently, there is more to Mr. Toobin‘s book, The Nine, than just anectdotes of Justice Souter‘s propensity to leak about the eyes. Below are some more excerpts:

Souter couldn’t be reached in time to make Rehnquist‘s funeral because he is a technophobe–he has a telephone and a fountain pen but “no answering machine, fax, cell phone or e-mail” (he was once given a television but never plugged it in).

Rehnquist was not impressed with Bill Clinton and his wife. When told that the newly elected president was thinking of nominating Hillary as attorney general, the [C]hief [J]ustice quipped, “They say Caligula appointed his horse counsel of Rome.”

When Rehnquist ordered the other justices to show up in Court for arguments in the case of Clinton v. Jones on the morning of a freakish snowstorm that dumped 21 inches on Washington, chaos ensued. Running late, Scalia ordered his driver to break the law: “By the power invested in me, I authorize you to run these lights!”

O’Connor‘s husband, John, sometimes embarrassed her with his crude sense of humor. He introduced himself to legendary Justice Harry Blackmun by handing him a business card that listed his skills as “Tigers Tamed, Bars Emptied, Orgies Organized.”

When she was being vetted as a nominee back in 1981, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor lied to (or at least misled) then-Justice Department aide Kenneth Starr, telling him that she had never cast a vote on an Arizona measure to liberalize abortion. In fact, as a state senator, she’d voted April 29, 1970, to end criminal prohibitions on abortions in the state.

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