The AP poll came out yesterday (which no longer factors into the BCS formula at the AP’s own request, but which still crowns its own national champion at the end of the season), and Texas is in at no. 4, just like in the Coaches’ poll of a few weeks ago.

No. 1

What’s great about the AP poll, as opposed to the others, is that you can see how individual voters cast their ballots. For instance, Texas’ hometown sportswriter, Kirk Bohls, only voted Texas no. 6.

However, showing no regional bias whatsoever, Oklahoma’s own John Hoover of the world-reknown Tulsa World, voted Texas no. 17, and Oklahoma no. 9.

Two-thirds of the ESPN Gameday crew voted Texas no. 2 (Fowler), and no. 6 (Herbstreit).

Thx to the AP Top 25 College Poll and ESPN