Wikipedia, long derided for it’s policy of allowing anyone to edit an entry, has instituted a new service to combat erroneous posts. The Wikipedia Scanner function allows one to track who has made edits to any particular entry.


Well, Little Green Footballs tracked the person who entered “jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk” into a September 12, 2001 Bush speech, and lo and behold, if you track down the IP address, it belongs to someone at the New York Times. “All the [libel] that’s fit to print,” indeed.

Update: This article appears in today’s UK Guardian, relating all the different and surprising entities that have now been caught editing entries, from the Vatican to the DNC.

Updated Update: Little Green Footballs has looked further into the newfound wonders of Wikipedia Scanner and found that someone at Al Jazeera has edited the entry for Israel, that someone at the BBC had inserted “wanker” in the entry for George Bush, and that someone from New York Times had changed the “pianist” in Condoleeza Rice’s entry to something phoneticallly similar.

Thx to Little Green Footballs, and the Guardian