According to a poster at Greedy–Texas, Jackson Walker announced a $160k raise today, but the actual memo makes clear the base raise is only to $140k (e.g. circa 2004). Also, they aren’t effective till Jan. 1, as opposed to the Aug. 1 or Sep. 1 dates at the firms which are truly matching.

To: All Attorneys

From: The Compensation Committee

We are moving to a $160,000 package for first-year attorneys, consisting of a base salary of $140,000 and guaranteed bonuses of $20,000, of which $15,000 will be paid immediately upon arrival. We are studying changes in the compensation structure for second through seventh-years and will make an announcement this fall. Salary adjustments for all classes, including the class of 2007, will become effective January 1, 2008, but we will take that timing into account in the 2007 bonuses as we transition to a new structure. We intend to remain competitive but will be careful to do so in a way that does not compromise our culture or the best interests of our clients.


Thx to Greedy–Texas