Tony Snow and David Gregory have been famously at odds in Whitehouse press conferences, culminating in this exchange back in December 2006:

GREGORY: It’s kind of a totality question, though. How you can hear these things and not conclude that it’s rejection of the President’s policy?

SNOW: Well, number one, “stay the course” is not the policy.

But you need to understand that trying to frame it in a partisan way is actually at odds with what the Group, itself, says it wanted to do. And so you may try to do whatever you want in terms of rejection, that’s not the way they view it.

GREGORY: I just want to be clear. Are you suggesting that I’m trying to frame this in a partisan way?

SNOW: Yes.

Tony Snow

Well, they may have buried the hatchett somewhat, judging by this wide-ranging, 27-minute interview between Snow and Gregory.

Thx to NBC News and Newsbusters