Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Back in April, I hailed this young inventor from Duke for the Messianic genius that he is.

David Letterman now agrees.

Oh, and now he has Hollywood celebrities signing his fridge for him and–fantasy of all college fantasies–has beer companies supplying him with FREE BEER.

I am in awe of this man.

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ALJ Roy Pearson–of pantsless famehas long had his job rumored to be in jeopardy. However, this advertisement from the July 9 edition of the Legal Times might just solidify the rumors.


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Above the Law

In the breach of contract action of Leroy Greer v. 1-800-Flowers.Com Inc., filed Monday in Southern District of Texas in Houston, Mr. Greer is suing because the florist had apparently agreed to keep his order of flowers for his mistress confidential. However, a few months later, the florist sent a thank you card to Greer’s home, whereupon his wife discovered his infidelity, and promptly filed for divorce.

Uh oh

Mr. Greer is apparently seeking $1 million dollars in damages for the breach, but no word on how much of any eventual settlement will be due his ex-wife.

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Tony Snow and David Gregory have been famously at odds in Whitehouse press conferences, culminating in this exchange back in December 2006:

GREGORY: It’s kind of a totality question, though. How you can hear these things and not conclude that it’s rejection of the President’s policy?

SNOW: Well, number one, “stay the course” is not the policy.

But you need to understand that trying to frame it in a partisan way is actually at odds with what the Group, itself, says it wanted to do. And so you may try to do whatever you want in terms of rejection, that’s not the way they view it.

GREGORY: I just want to be clear. Are you suggesting that I’m trying to frame this in a partisan way?

SNOW: Yes.

Tony Snow

Well, they may have buried the hatchett somewhat, judging by this wide-ranging, 27-minute interview between Snow and Gregory.

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Bench Memos has an excellent write-up on the current status of President Bush‘s nominees to the various federal circuits.

Big Time

Of more interest to this blog however, are the status of Fifth Circuit nominees, Judges Jennifer Elrod and Catharina Haynes. Judge Elrod has had her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee but has not yet been voted out of that committee, while Judge Haynes has not yet had her hearing.

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For the past two years, one site has been instrumental in serving as an information clearinghouse for all clerkship-related gossip and information: the Clerkship Notification Blog. Well, it appears that it is up and running now for the 2007-08 season as well.


As the September application deadline approaches, all those seeking to learn more fully the meaning of the term “deferred compensation,” should check it out.

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In earning his fourth win of the season, Roger was ejected last night from the Yankees 9-2 shellacking of the Blue Jays for throwing a nice fastball directly into the spinal column of Alex Rios in retaliation for a pitch by Toronto’s Josh Towers that hit A-Rod in the knee.

In a game that saw both benches clear twice, but with no fisticuffs actually thrown, I was reminded of another aged Texan pitcher who wasn’t afraid to bean a batter–or use his throwing arm to beat said batter about the head for that matter.

I don’t care who holds the career record for homers, Nolan’s 7 no-hitters, 12 one-hitters, and 5,714 strikeouts will never be eclipsed.

Thx to Roger, Nolan, and ESPN.