Sen. Arlen Specter, of Senate Judiciary Committee infamy, has apparently pledged to review the “record” of Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito during their first full term on the Bench, in an attempt to devise whether their nomination testimony supporting the concept of stare decisis has been borne out in practice.


Where to begin with this stupidity? Everywhere but Pennsylvania apparently, it goes without saying that it would be entirely improper (and asinine) if SCOTUS nominees could somehow be expected to bind their future votes on issues before the Court by the testimony they give at a nomination hearing, no matter what the topic. How could it not be unconstitutional if the Legislative Branch could control the actions of the Judicial Branch via the nomination mechanism?

I really just wish that Sen. Specter would stop pretending to be a great jurist (which he has never been—great, nor a jurist, that is), and instead simply accept the fact that the ones he presumes to “know better” of, operate on an intellectual plane traveling at both higher altitude and greater speed than Specter’s cognitive Cessna.

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