According to the good folks from the Texas Lawyer over at Tex Parte Blog, Dallas County Judge Craig Smith has announced that he mulling whether or not to challenge Chief Justice Jefferson for the top judicial post in the State.

Judge SmithChief Justice Jefferson

Let’s just do a quick and dirty comparison, shall we? Chief Jefferson was an appellate lawyer by trade (and board certified in appellate law as well) at the prestigious appellate boutique, then-named Crofts, Callaway & Jefferson, and who had already argued and won two cases before SCOTUS by the time he was appointed to now-Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez‘s seat on SCOTX.

Judge Smith described himself in the 2004 League of Women Voters’ guide as a trial lawyer with an emphasis on personal injury law (in which he is impressively board certified, in addition to civil trial law).

Sitting on our state’s highest appellate bench is not for the faint of heart or mind, and I am dubious that the voters of Texas would trade out a man who was a distinuished appellate lawyer before he ever became a widely-respected appellate jurist for a trial lawyer whose chief legal accomplishment is having been swept onto the state district court bench in a straight-ticket election in which every single Democrat running for any office won.

Plus, to publicly announce you’re “thinking” about running for an office is just tacky.

Thx to Tex Parte Blog