Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Thompson & Knight is the latest BigTex to match to $160k.


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Courtesy of the Austin American Statesman.

Texas Fight

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So nice when you have one lawyer debate another instead of the punditry trying to do the same against wilier, experienced attorneys.

Johnny Sutton

Laura does just a fantastic job of rebutting Mr. Sutton‘s media tour talking points during her nearly hour-long interview with him.

Laura Ingraham

Plus, keep in mind when you’re listening to Laura and Mr. Sutton debate the finer legal points of the Ramos-Campean case, that Johnny Sutton was an undistinguished law graduate who made his name being part of the UT baseball team during his undergraduate years (curiously still listed on his USA bio), and spent his first several years in practice at the Harris County D.A.‘s office in Houston, which is–regrettably–not the most prestigious of legal posts. Conversely, Laura went straight from law school to clerk on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and later on the U.S. Supreme Court–hands down THE most prestigious legal position a lawyer of any age can hold in this country short of being appointed to the federal bench or (in my opinion) being elected to SCOTX.

So, bottom line is that Laura knows of what she speaks and has a resume that far eclipses that of her guest, Mr. Sutton.

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