Betty Williams, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for creating a group that helped start peace talks in Northern Ireland, was in Dallas yesterday to deliver the keynote speech at—of all things—the International Women’s Peace Conference. During her speech, Ms. Williams—who won the Noble Peace Prize mind you—told a crowd of about 1,000 people that:

Right now, I could kill George Bush.

Realizing what an a$$ she had just made of herself, she quickly clarified:

No, I don’t mean that. How could you nonviolently kill somebody? I would love to be able to do that.

A Nobel Peace Prize laureate wishing she could kill someone (who just also happens to be the President of the United States), if only nonviolently. The sheer intellecutal heft of this woman would barely fill a teaspoon.

Thx to the Dallas Morning News