Under sanctions just imposed today by the NCAA for a booster’s longtime and hardly-hidden employment and payment of unearned wages to star football players at a used car lot, Bob Stoops and his merry band of corrupt alumni and greedy players will be forced to forfeit all victories during the 2005 season (albeit there were only eight of those).

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That makes OU’s record during the 2005 season an impressive 0-4. As the Dallas Morning News pointed out:

This is Oklahoma‘s sixth major NCAA infractions case involving football and seventh overall. Only Arizona State and SMU, each with eight, have more overall major cases.

Come to Oklahoma, we’re only the second-most sanctioned football program in the history of collegiate athletics (and A&M is tied with OU for major infraction cases at 7).

The kicker of this sanction though, is that the teams which beat OU won’t get credit for their victory either. This means that UT’s stellar 13-0 National Championship season is now officially a 12-0 outing.

Thx to Bob Stoops, Rhett Bomar, J.D. Quinn, Brad McRae, and the Dallas Morning News