Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

At 4:18 P.M. today, both Texas and our nation lost Lady Bird Johnson. She was one of the most influential and recognizable first ladies we’ve ever had, and anyone who has marveled at the myriad hues of wildflowers lining her Great State’s highways has her to thank for the view.

Lady Bird

We will miss her greatly and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Johnson family tonight.

Thx to Lady Bird for her tireless and selfless dedication to her country and her beloved Texas

In a brazen (and stupid) attempt to get out of jury duty, a Massachusetts man wrote on the jury questionnaire that he didn’t like homosexuals and African-Americans.


When he was later questioned under oath about his questionnaire answers, he engaged in the following exchange with the presiding judge:

Curious Judge: “You say on your form that you’re not a fan of homosexuals.”

Idiot: “That I’m a racist. [And] I’m frequently found to be a liar, too. I can’t really help it.”

Annoyed Judge: “I’m sorry?”

Idiot: “I said I’m frequently found to be a liar.”

Angry Judge: “So, are you lying to me now?”

Jailbait: “Well, I don’t know. I might be.”

The presiding judge then promptly ordered the Cape Cod man taken into custody.

Thx to the presiding judge and CNN

Under sanctions just imposed today by the NCAA for a booster’s longtime and hardly-hidden employment and payment of unearned wages to star football players at a used car lot, Bob Stoops and his merry band of corrupt alumni and greedy players will be forced to forfeit all victories during the 2005 season (albeit there were only eight of those).

Face of innocenceMeat

That makes OU’s record during the 2005 season an impressive 0-4. As the Dallas Morning News pointed out:

This is Oklahoma‘s sixth major NCAA infractions case involving football and seventh overall. Only Arizona State and SMU, each with eight, have more overall major cases.

Come to Oklahoma, we’re only the second-most sanctioned football program in the history of collegiate athletics (and A&M is tied with OU for major infraction cases at 7).

The kicker of this sanction though, is that the teams which beat OU won’t get credit for their victory either. This means that UT’s stellar 13-0 National Championship season is now officially a 12-0 outing.

Thx to Bob Stoops, Rhett Bomar, J.D. Quinn, Brad McRae, and the Dallas Morning News

During these dark days of lackluster approval ratings, Iraq turning into the very definition of “quagmire,” and gleeful Democrats dancing on the grave of the Republican party, I thought I’d relate a little story to y’all about 43 that is explicative of why he won re-election, and why voters (at least a few of us) continue to like and trust this man.


At yesterday’s town hall meeting in Ohio, a young girl got up to ask President Bush a question, and was so nervous, she began to cry. After he had begun his answer to her question with a sarcastic “Yeah, thanks,” the President realized she was crying, and immediately tried to reassure her that her question was a good one. Seeing his efforts were having no effect, he sent his detail over to her and invited her and her family backstage to meet with him. During the meeting, Bush apparently told the girl that “it was really brave of me to do that and he said he probably wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see Pelosi, Kerry, Hillary, or Reid being that down to Earth and taking the time to comfort a nervous little girl.

Thx to FishWrap