Noted legal scholar Mark Cuban seems to think so. As part of an ongoing arbitration fight between Cuban (the Dallas Mavericks owner) and former Mavericks coach (and current Golden State Warriors coach) Don Nelson over $6.5 million in deferred payments Nelson alleges Cuban owes him.


Cuban relies on a non-compete clause in Nellie’s contract with the Mavericks that purportedly prevents him from coaching anywhere else until 2011 as support for Cuban’s claim that he doesn’t owe Nellie the $6 large because of Nellie’s prior breach (by accepting the the Golden State job).

The kicker is that part of the legal remedy Cuban is seeking against Nellie for his supposed breach of contract is to enjoin (legally prevent) Nellie from coaching against Cuban’s Mavericks. After the a$$-whupping the no. 1 seed Mavericks got at the hands of the 8th seed Warriors during the recent NBA playoffs, I bet he does.

Thx to Deadspin and the Star-Telegram