Laura Ingraham—for any of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to hear her nationally syndicated radio show—is perhaps the most spectactularly overqualified radio host in the history of the medium (with a nod to Secretary Bennett of course).

She lacks the grating egotism of Rush and O’Reilly, has the affability and easygoing charm of Hannity, but with (forgive me Sean) substantially more intellectual heft, which allows her to delve into the weeds on both law and policy in ways her cohorts cannot.

Laura Ingraham, Esq.

Her legal vitae is as pedigreed as any lawyer could hope to have. After graduating from Dartmouth, she worked as a speechwriter for President Reagan, then graduated from UVA Law School, clerked for both Judge Ralph K. Winter on the Second Circuit, and later Justice Thomas, and then worked at—hands down—one of the most preeminent law firms on the planet at Skadden Aarps.

Add to this her unwavering conservatism and innate likeability, and you have one formidable package.

Oh, and National Review had some great things to say about her recent role in the immigration debate as well.

Thx to NRO and Laura Ingraham