Some depressing analysis of the BigTex legal market relative to national BigLaw rates (taken wholesale from a discussion of same over at AbovetheLaw):

Here’s how it worked after last year’s round of national raises: First years in Texas got a big increase, from about $110k to $135k. 2nd and 3rd years also got around a $15k increase. And that’s pretty much where it stopped. 7th years received a $5,000 raise, to about a $185,000 base. To put that in perspective, it’s about 50% less than a 7th year currently makes (at the same firm or a national that pays a uniform scale) in LA, NYC, DC, etc. That is, a 7th year at BB in Texas makes $185,000; a 7th year at BB in NYC makes $275,000. Sheeeeeit! And don’t look for explanations in billing rates. The vast majority of work done in Texas by these firms is billed at national rates — the same charged in DC and LA (though maybe 10% less than in NYC).

The point: screw the first years! They now make only $50,000 less than the folks up for partner. Not that partnership chances have increased.


Texas Offices at $160K
Dewey Ballantine (Austin – 9)
Fish & Richardson (Austin – 9, Dallas – 30)
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP (Dallas – 27)
McKool Smith LLP (Dallas – 46)
Skadden Arps LLP (Houston – 19)
Weil Gotshal LLP (Dallas – 57, Houston – 46)
Wilson Sonsini (Austin – 32)
Texas Offices at $150K
Dechert LLP (Austin – 6)
Jones Day LLP (Dallas – 109, Houston – 26)

Thx to AbovetheLaw and no thx to BigTex