It is no secret that I am not ideologically aligned with Michael Moore or most liberals in the public eye for that matter. That said, I think Moore is an undeniably-talented documentary filmmaker, even if he plays too fast and loose with the facts for a purported nonfiction medium.

However, one area upon which I think people of all political leanings in this country can agree is that the healtcare system in the U.S. is increasingly frustrating for those covered and uncovered alike.

I’m no fan of socialistic programs, but I do think there is enormous room for improvement over our current system. Heck, I know I shell out a few grand every year just in deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums on my family’s health insurance, so any proportionate tax hike–if it eliminated my need for private insurance–would be a wash for me financially.


When you have the chance, I encourage you to see SiCKO because even if some of the silly stunts Moore pulls (such as taking 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba for free healthcare) offend and incense you, it is a pretty thought-provoking film nonetheless.

Particularly so the anectdotal stories of folks denied timely or needed healthcare procedures, even though they were covered. Many of these cases resulted in the death of the afflicted person.

Thx to (hate to admit I’m saying this) Michael Moore