Monday, June 4th, 2007

If Newt keeps this up, he might just make enough sense to make everyone forget how he was manhandled by 42 during the government shutdown back in the 90s.


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Thompson and Knight has recently unveiled a subsidiary, Thompson & Knight Global Energy Services LLC (TKGES), aimed at combining the legal services offered by the firm with TKGES, which will be able to perform technical evaluations of the geology and hydrocarbons sought to be leased or explored.


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The wisdom and prescience of Merril Hoge vs. His Vinceness.


The Four Letter sure knows how to pick ’em.

Don’t mess with a man with his own logo.


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Only USC is ranked higher, and we all know what happened last time the pundits picked USC over Texas.


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Behold, the IPhone. Wow.

Only thing that looks a little suspicious is the keyboard, but everything else is pretty impressive.


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Eric Alterman, who writes for The Nation and the Altercation blog for Media Matters, was apparently involved in somewhat of a fracas himself at the Democrat debate last week.


I guess you just can’t crash a bar at a party you’re not invited to like you used to.

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ABC news fruitlessly speculates about the Bush Whitehouse’s shortlist for SCOTUS should Justices Stevens or Ginsburg step down after the close of the Court’s term at the end of June.

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The shortlist includes perennial mentionees J.J. Brown, Clement, and Owen, as well as newcomers J.J. Cantero, Preska, and Sykes (not Wanda BTW).

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