Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

At a recent Q&A session with Holy Cross seniors, the Chief opined on such things as his most revered predecessor, and humbly answered one question: “[m]y only comfort is that I know my remarks are certain to be the least memorable part of this wonderful celebratory day.”

In response to a question regarding which previous Chief Justices serve as exemplars for Chief Roberts’ style of leadership in the court, CJR responded:

If you’re going into competitive cycling, you want to be like Lance Armstrong. If you play basketball, the model is Michael Jordan. Golf? Tiger Woods. If you’re going to be Chief Justice, you want to be like John Marshall. Now, I hasten to add that I am not saying I ever could be, any more than anyone who bikes, plays ball, or golfs thinks they could be like Armstrong, Jordan, or Woods. But Marshall is certainly the model to emulate, in his analytic rigor, coherent vision, collegial leadership, and dedication to both his country and the law. I also admire William Rehnquist because I had the opportunity to observe first hand his skill as a jurist and administrator.


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The Trumpeter’s sister is a judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals: the Hon. Maryanne Trump Barry.

Trump Squared

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Eleven year-old Jamison Stone bagged this 9 foot-long and 1,050 lb. boar a few weeks ago on a commercial hunting preserve in Georgia.

Besides the obvious “wow” factor, I want to know how this elephantine beast was wandering around a relatively small, 2,500 acre ranch without being discovered. Just the hole he made in the brush should have been pretty easy to track.

Pig Soooooey

Of additional note, the AP story says he shot this megafaunal pig with a .50 caliber revolver (as opposed to the much more well-known Desert Eagle, which is a semi-auto and fires 3-400 grain bullets), the only one made I know of being a S&W 500, which shoots 650 grain bullets. For those non-Second Amendment lovers, that is a HUGE round that would be hard for a grown man to fire once, much less nine times, even at a target as big as this.

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