Here’s Moore’s pithy retort to his own video emasculation at the hands of FDT:


Why would a potential presidential candidate provide photographic evidence of himself committing a felony?

Someone should tell him that ‘Law & Order’ isn’t just a TV show, it’s real life. I hope the federal government will take the proper and necessary actions against him for violating the law.

Someone should tell Mikey that FDT is—gasp—actually a by-God real-life attorney, and has been for nearly forty years. In fact, FDT was such an accomplished attorney so early in his career that he was appointed as minority counsel for the Watergate hearings, and was the person who not only first asked whether Pres. Nixon had a recording system in the Oval Office, but who also coined the term, “[w]hat did he know and when did know it?”

Oh, and he was a U.S. Senator for nearly a decade writing federal law, so Mikey, I think FDT probably knows a little more than you do about “felon[ies],” and the “federal government.”

Thx to Drudge and the NY Daily News