Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

The BBC’s expose of Scientology. Wow.


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Following up on the news that Mars is experiencing “global warming,” it appears that Neptune is as well.

This time, the common denominator between Neptune, Mars, and the Earth is statistically examined. See H. B. Hammel, and G. W. Lockwood, Suggestive correlations between the brightness of Neptune, solar variability, and Earth’s temperature, 34 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS L08203 (doi:10.1029/2006GL028764) (2007).


The statistical correlation coefficient (the liklihood that one event is influencing another event) between measured solar irradiance and Neptune’s brightness is near 0.90 (or 90%). Amazingly, almost precisely the same statistical correlation is found between the Earth’s measured temperature since 1920 and solar irradiance: .89 (89%).

Another way to think about this is that if you laid the top three trend lines over one another, they are about 90% identical, which—in layman’s terms—is pretty damn close.

And human impact can’t have had any effect on Neptune, so it’s either a huge coincidence that the sun’s radiance is so closely correlated to temperature rises on both planets (highly unlikely since Neptune is thirty times farther away from the Sun than is Earth), or the Sun is driving both phenomena (as the statistics say it is—with 90% certainty).

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OK, Michael Moore apparently challenged FDT to a debate because the Bloated Wonder thought FDT’s affinity for cuban cigars rendered any negative opinion FDT had of Castro hypocritical.


Well, FDT, in typical laid-back fashion, not only responds the same day, but in video—with cuban cigar in hand—and proceeds to just eviscerate Moore (which takes some time when you’re Michael’s size).

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An uncanny, 6 ft. tall lookalike to OBL has been arrested twice in the Afghan province in which he lives.

obl 2

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At a benefit to raise funds for cancer research, Tony Snow and his band, Beats Workin’, took on and “beat” Bob Schieffer’s band, Honky Tonk Confidential, in a battle of the bands royale with the first annual “Crawlin’ Kingsnake Trophy” on the line.

snow jammin

Snow—in addition to his oratorical skills—is apparently musically ambidextrous as well, playing the flute, sax, tambourine, and guitar. By contrast, Schieffer comes from the Christopher Walken school of musical talent, where he can’t seem to “get enough cowbell.”


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