Bernie and Al go at it on Hannity & Colmes. Choice excerpt from Bernie to Al:

And, Reverend, that’s I think where — I sense that there’s a backlash out there, and I sense that — I don’t know if people — if you’re aware of people’s perception of you. People view you as a sort of — this is how they view you, with all due respect, as a crude, humorless opportunist, a race-baiter who’s jealous of, say, Barack Obama and Harold Ford, Jr.’s, success, who’s been rendered irrelevant, you and Jesse Jackson, by people like that, and that this was an opportunity for you to get your face back, to make yourself relevant again.

And that’s where the anger stems from. You have a history yourself of uttering racial, anti-Semitic, homophobic epithets. And for you to be leading a charge like this, it strikes people as hypocritical. It’s like O.J. advocating on behalf of battered spouses.


Thx to NewsBusters and Foxnews