May 2007

Three years ago, Professor G. Robert Blakey at Notre Dame Law School apparently sketched out this synthesis of law and philosphy in about fifty minutes.


The newly-transcribed version appears here.

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As of May 14, SCOTUS is proposing changing its Rules, one of which includes mandating the use of “New Century Schoolbook” (NCS) font, which is not even part of the standard package of fonts offered by either MS Word or Wordperfect (a/k/a the Bane of Mankind).


Of curious note, it appears this font is trademarked by Linotype, leading to an interesting question of the propriety of SCOTUS requiring parties to conform to a rule which solely benefits a private company.

Beyond the questionable monetary effects of this rule, this proposed requirement is nonetheless mildly vexing. There are several other, more pleasing and “bookish” fonts already available in MS Word and Wordperfect, including Garamond, Century, Book Antiqua, and Bookman Old Style, if SCOTUS merely wished to make the briefs more readable.

After comparing printouts of NCS to Garamond, Century, Book Antiqua, and Bookman Old Style, it appears that there is no distinguishable difference (in print at least) between Century (which is already loaded in MS Word and Wordperfect) and NCS.

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At a recent Q&A session with Holy Cross seniors, the Chief opined on such things as his most revered predecessor, and humbly answered one question: “[m]y only comfort is that I know my remarks are certain to be the least memorable part of this wonderful celebratory day.”

In response to a question regarding which previous Chief Justices serve as exemplars for Chief Roberts’ style of leadership in the court, CJR responded:

If you’re going into competitive cycling, you want to be like Lance Armstrong. If you play basketball, the model is Michael Jordan. Golf? Tiger Woods. If you’re going to be Chief Justice, you want to be like John Marshall. Now, I hasten to add that I am not saying I ever could be, any more than anyone who bikes, plays ball, or golfs thinks they could be like Armstrong, Jordan, or Woods. But Marshall is certainly the model to emulate, in his analytic rigor, coherent vision, collegial leadership, and dedication to both his country and the law. I also admire William Rehnquist because I had the opportunity to observe first hand his skill as a jurist and administrator.


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The Trumpeter’s sister is a judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals: the Hon. Maryanne Trump Barry.

Trump Squared

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Eleven year-old Jamison Stone bagged this 9 foot-long and 1,050 lb. boar a few weeks ago on a commercial hunting preserve in Georgia.

Besides the obvious “wow” factor, I want to know how this elephantine beast was wandering around a relatively small, 2,500 acre ranch without being discovered. Just the hole he made in the brush should have been pretty easy to track.

Pig Soooooey

Of additional note, the AP story says he shot this megafaunal pig with a .50 caliber revolver (as opposed to the much more well-known Desert Eagle, which is a semi-auto and fires 3-400 grain bullets), the only one made I know of being a S&W 500, which shoots 650 grain bullets. For those non-Second Amendment lovers, that is a HUGE round that would be hard for a grown man to fire once, much less nine times, even at a target as big as this.

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Compare the obvious emotion and brutal honesty of Rep. Boehner from this floor speech to any of the polished yet vague soundbites to come out of Obama, Hillary, Edwards, Schumer, and the like, regarding why we’re in Iraq.

Right on

Tell me who you trust more.

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What other college football coach would tell his team that just defeated the so-called “best college football team ever” in—hands down—the greatest college football game ever played, that he hoped that victory wasn’t the best thing the players ever do in their life.


Mack is the man.

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Today’s column provides a particularly sobering look at the new immigration bill foisted upon us by Sens. Kennedy and McCain.


Some choice statistics for your edification:

From 1990 to 2004, Hispanics accounted for 92 percent of the increase in poor people. Only 53 percent of Hispanics earn high school diplomas, the lowest among American ethnic groups. Half of all children born to Hispanic-Americans in 2005 were born out of wedlock—a reliable predictor of social pathologies.

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A former Coca-Cola Corp. secretary, who foolishly tried to sell the famed Coke “recipe” to Pepsi Co., was sentenced yesterday to eight years in a federal penitentiary for conspiring to steal trade secrets.

It is worth noting that this sentence exceeded the federal minimum sentencing guidelines, to which the federal judiciary usually strictly adheres. I guess, as Judge Forrester put it, “[t]his is the kind of offense that cannot be tolerated in our society.”


Oh, I don’t know, I can think of at least one or two other offenses that are probably a little more egregious and deserving of upping the sentence than this.

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Behold, the most recent iteration.


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Peruse this torture manual recently found in a ramshackle Al Qaeda house of horrors in Iraq.

Pathetic coward

For any of us who have been emasculated by the constant march of media tripe regarding “U.S. atrocities” at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, take a gander at this torture manual from Al Qaeda cowards, which should remind us what “torture” really is.

WARNING, the illustrations are actually much more graphic than the pictures of released prisoners, but still quite disturbing because you know these depictions are literally drawn from observation.

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Dennis Kucinich also recently married way out of his league. Bewildered congratulations to the diminutive Congressman and his new bride.

Sign of the Apocalypse

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The Steelers’ offensive line coach apparently inadvertently forwarded a porno clip to high-level team employees and their secretaries throughout the entire NFL, including Commissioner Roger Goodell.


Further evidence that you should always zealously doublecheck your emails before you hit that “send” button. Oh, and additional (and hopefully unnecessary) proof that you shouldn’t send porn through your work email account.

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Sen. Duncan’s bill that would have drastically overhauled the jurisdiction of SCOTX, among other more controversial changes, was derailed Monday by a point of order lodged by Rep. Senfronia Thompson, a Democrat and Houston solo.


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No sh!t.

Apparently because psychiatrists have nothing better to do, assembled shrinks at the 160th Annual American Psychiatric Association (APA) meeting handed down their official diagnosis of Darth Vader. He suffered from “borderline personality disorder.”


The docs further intuited that:

Skywalker’s symptoms, including problems with controlling anger and impulsivity, temporary stress-related paranoia, “frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment (when trying to save his wife at all costs), and a pattern of unstable and intense personal relationships,” including his relationships with his Jedi masters,

indicated that he wasn’t right in the helmet.

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John Edwards charged UC-Davis $55,000 to speak on poverty. Irony is such a beautiful thing sometimes.


If we could get jacka$$es like this out of the profession, we might have a little more moral standing with people.

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26% of American muslims say suicide bombing is A-OK with them.

Only 40% of American muslims say they believe Arab men carried out the 9/11 attacks.


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Rep. Boehner has always kind of creeped me out, for no really good reason either, but this quote about the new amnesty bill makes me really like the man.

I promised the President today that I wouldn’t say anything bad about … this piece of sh[!]t bill.


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“I’ve loved it,” he says. “It’s a good fit. It feels really natural. I’ll tell you what, from an exposure point of view it’s been incredible. Had I stayed a U.S. Attorney and not gotten forced to resign, no one would know who I was outside of New Mexico. In a perverse way this has already put me on the national map. My own test is: If it’s a show I’ve heard of, I’ll probably do it.”


And this man wonders why he was deemed unfit to be entrusted with the public’s welfare.

As an expository aside, the derivation of this picture is that Mr. Iglesias claims–and in fairness, some others do as well–that he was the basis for Tom “Xanu” Cruise’s character in A Few Good Men.

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But he undeniably is, every bit as cogent as Justice Scalia, but with a few hipper references.

dm dc

Also, pretty funny clip from the Half Hour News Hour with Lorenzo Lamas. What an eclectic conservative celebrity group we have with Tom Selleck, Lorenzo, Bo Derek, DM, the Midnight Cowboy himself, Frazier, and Gary Sinise.

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